Geophysical software

• Coastal management • Pipeline inspection • Hydrographic survey • Geophysical exploration
• Geotechnical investigation • Coastal engineering • Habitat Mapping • Mine warfare


DELPH Sonar is a complete and highly productive acquisition, processing and interpretation software package that is designed to easily and accurately perform side-scan sonar surveys.

Its modular architecture includes a data logged to interface and safely log raw data from any sonar in industry standard format, and a full-featured data processing and interpretation environment. DELPH Sonar provides high-quality data management, quality-control function in a highly optimized workflow. Compatible with any industry standard sonar data, DELPH eliminates bottlenecks, speeding up data processing and focusing on data interpretation in an intuitive software user interface.

Side-scan sonar data acquisition and processing application chart

Side-scan sonar data acquisition and processing flow chart