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DELPH Seismic Analog Acquisition Unit


DELPH Seismic Analog Acquisition Unit is the best solution for seismic data acquisition from any computer.
Replacing legacy workstations and Analog to Digital - A/D - boards, DELPH topside isolates all necessary inputs and outputs from the computer so marine seismic surveys are performed more accurately and safely than before.
It is the perfect topside for sparkers, boomers, etc. from single to multi-channel configurations.

  • The Best data quality: 24-bit digitizing avoiding signal calibration thus reducing the risk of clipping analog signal. Ethernet connection avoids long BNC cables from the seismic equipment to the acquisition system which reduces noise issues.
  • Quick & Easy integration: Simply connect the seismic system to the BNC connectors and the Ethernet link to any computer running DELPH Acquisition software. DELPH topside also offers serial ports for GPS and other devices to be acquired simultaneously.
  • Simplified maintenance & Upgrade: Acquisition computer can be upgraded or replaced within seconds. With no driver to install, DELPH topside is compatible with all Windows® versions.
  • Standard: The acquisition unit is a 19" rack that can be permanently intalled, and is using standard BNC connectors.
  • Mobility: Fitting in a mobile rolling rack (optional) with a dedicated laptop compartment it makes the transportation easier.


DELPH Seismic Analog Acquisition Units embeds high-quality 24-bit analog to digital converters and two serial ports. It communicates with DELPH Seismic Acquisition software (included) running on any computer type including laptops.
DELPH Seismic Analog Acquisition Unit is the tool of choice for:

  • Digitizing data from single to multi-channel 2D reflection seismic (airgun, sparker, boomer, etc.)
  • Digitizing data from analog sub-bottom profilers (chirp, pinger, etc.)
  • Synchronizing analog equipment to / from other sensors
  • Collecting all real-time raw data from a single topside
  • Performing seismic survey using a mobile solution and portable computers
  • Logging raw, un-processed data in industry standard SEGY or XTF format

DELPH Seismic Analog Acquisition Unit can be rack-mounted or delivered in a mobile rolling rack, and fits most analog seismic systems:
  • Lightweight 19" rack-mount topside
  • Rolling rack with laptop compartment (optional)
  • 1kHz to 64kHz sampling frequency
  • Master or Slave triggering
  • 1 to 24 channels seismic data acquisition
  • Works with industry standard portable computers and PC workstations
DELPH Seismic Analog Acquisition Unit embeds accurate 24-bit analog to digital converters
  • 24-bit analog to digital converters, 118dB dynamic range so the full dynamic range of the raw seismic data is preserved
  • No signal clipping at high power
  • Lossless 32-bit data storage to industry standard SEGY and XTF formats
DELPH Seismic Analog Acquisition Unit connects to any Windows based computer running DELPH Seismic Acquisition software on a single Ethernet connection.
  • Control & command of the acquisition from DELPH Acquisition software
  • Single to Multi-Channel seismic data acquisition
  • Navigation and ancillary data collection thanks to two embedded serial ports
  • Works with any Microsoft® Windows version
DELPH Seismic Analog Acquisition Unit offers industry standard interfacing for quick & easy integration.
  • Native data storage to SEGY and XTF formats
  • 1 to 8 channels: Full size BNC connectors
  • 12 and 24 channels: Multi-point connectors
  • x1 RJ45 Ethernet port for command & control and data acquisition in DELPH software
  • x1 BNC for Trigger Input
  • x1 BNC for Trigger Output
  • x2 DB9 RS-232 connectors for interfacing navigation and ancillary sensors
  • x1 BNC CHIRP waveform output for analog chirp amplifiers