Geophysical software

• Coastal management • Geophysical exploration • Geotechnical investigation • Structural geology
• Marine geology • Hydrographic survey • Pipeline inspection

DELPH Seismic

DELPH Seismic is the most advanced and complete acquisition, processing and interpretation software package in the industry. It provides geologists and geophysicists with an easy access to ALL data collected from shallow seismic systems and sub-bottom profilers. DELPH Seismic is the ideal solution for use in all types of surveys, from scientific to hydrography, dredging, oil & gas, archaeology and others.

Offering an intuitive modular architecture, DELPH Seismic provides high-quality data management and the optimal data processing and interpretation workflow. Compatible with leading industry sensors and formats, DELPH eliminates bottlenecks, and offers the best possible 2D/3D QC, visualization and reporting capabilities.

Seismic and sub bottom data acquisition and processing application chart

Seismic and sub bottom data acquisition and processing flow chart