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DELPH Mag Locator


DELPH Mag Locator is a revolution in magnetic mapping. It is the most convenient tool for producing processed magnetic maps from any data in a few intuitive steps. The ability to instantly overlay the raw and processed magnetic maps and 3D vector onto any geo-referenced data (side-scan sonar mosaics, sub-bottom profiler, bathymetry, etc.) helps everyone to interpret magnetic surveys.

Patented algorithms make DELPH Mag Locator the only solution to filter magnetic anomalies and deliver 2D/3D geoTIFF magnetic maps in real-time and post-processing, avoiding the need for a reference base station.

Geo-referencing the magnetometer data is a key to successfully integrate all survey data and resolve anomalies location. The immediate multi-sensor data integration in DELPH RoadMap 3D cartographic environment together with acoustic imaging and sub-bottom profiles makes DELPH Mag Locator an invaluable tool for surficial and buried object detection and confirmation.


Supported Data Types
DELPH Mag Locator can post-process any magnetometer data records.
  • Quick & easy generic import of any magnetometer data record in ASCII format
  • Support for Geometrics® and Marine Magnetics® data formats
  • Native support for magnetometer data files in XTF format
Full processing capabilities
DELPH Mag is a survey-oriented magnetic mapping tool. In a few comprehensive steps it geo-references, filters and maps magnetic anomalies and provides additional layers.
  • Diurnal correction from external reference data
  • Magnetic anomaly filtering using a patented spatial filter when no reference station data is available
  • Real-Time and Offline production of:
    • Total Field map
    • Magnetic Anomaly map
    • Reduction to the Pole map
    • Analytic Signal map
Mapping capabilities

DELPH Mag Locator quickly produces high-quality magnetic maps in few intuitive steps. From comprehensive survey parameters it creates maps in common standard formats that seamlessly integrate any GIS platform. DELPH RoadMap application displays the vector and mapped magnetic data in a powerful 2D/3D geo-referenced environment together with any other survey data like side-scan sonar (mosaics, targets, etc.), sub-bottom profiler (vertical profiles, interpretation, etc.), bathymetry and any geo-referenced layer. All combined together, the 3D view helps locate seabed and buried features. Built-in digitizing and interpretation tools help producing quality maps and identifying magnetic anomalies. GIS and Google Earth® export of all maps allow the easy sharing of survey results.
  • Navigation processing (latency, layback, sensor geometry correction)
  • 2D and 3D vector display of magnetic anomalies or total field
  • 2D and 3D display of magnetic maps with adjustable scales and transparency
  • Intuitive mapping from survey-oriented parameters:
        - Survey line spacing
        - Map resolution (Pixel Size)
  • Native map generation in geoTIFF format
  • Iso-contour generation
  • Cropping to survey boundaries or designed polygons
  • Overlay and cursor synchronization with other data types (Side-Scan Sonar, Sub-Bottom Profiler, Bathymetry, etc.)
  • Google Earth® KMZ format output of maps and track lines
Visualization capabilities

DELPH features a cutting-edge geographic visualization application - DELPH RoadMap - that overlays all survey data in a 2D and 3D cartographic environment, in connection with other DELPH Interpretation tools. Adjustable transparency and vertical scales enrich the interpretation of vertical data (bathymetry, sub-bottom, terrain models) with side-scan data and magnetic anomaly maps. Rather than looking at magnetic data to confirm other sensors targets, this eye-catching view helps directly spotting major magnetic anomalies to investigate.
  • Overlay magnetometer data with
    - Side-Scan Sonar mosaics, targets and interpretation
    - Seismic / Sub-Bottom Profiler 3D profiles, interpretation and horizon surfaces
    - Bathymetry models
    - Any geographic layer including aerial photography, satellite imagery, coastline, concrete structure plans, core/ground truthing locations, etc.
  • Adjustable transparency for all layers
  • Adjustable vertical offsets and scales