Geophysical software

• Coastal management • Geophysical exploration • Geotechnical investigation • Structural geology
• Marine geology • Hydrographic survey • Pipeline inspection


iXblue delivers a unique operational solution for the mapping of buried objects: DELPH Mag Locator software maps magnetic anomalies in real-time and post-processing. Although requiring no prior expertise in magnetic science, it will provide an accurate magnetic anomaly map in real-time or post-processing.

DELPH Mag Locator provides complete processing functionality for navigation and magnetometer or gradiometer data, using cutting-edge filters, requiring only limited survey-oriented user settings. Its real-time mapping capability allows see-and-act surveying.
Instant data integration with side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and bathymetric data help locate anomalies from small to large scale projects in a powerful 3D geo-referenced environment.

Magnetometer data acquisition and processing application chart

Magnetometer data acquisition and processing flow chart

(*) Real-Time magnetic mapping is available when logging data in XTF file format.